All My Best; From Me to You

All My Best; From Me To You is author Sid MacCallum’s look back at his 30-year teaching career, but it is also a look back at his life. From his childhood years and attending a one-room schoolhouse, to university life and his fulfilling career as a Physical Education teacher at Pleasant Corners Public School, you can read about the many youth sports initiatives he was a part of and enjoy the inspirational stories, poems and reflections from a lifetime of learning. MacCallum’s love of Physical Education and learning is matched only by his love of community and his connection with the students he taught and coached. There are dozens of photos in this 310-page book, so you are sure to enjoy a trip down memory lane. Along with photos from the past are profiles of some of his past students, as you learn where they are now. A great read for anyone connected to Pleasant Corners Public School, but also a great inspirational read!


After 14 months and more than 1200 hours, my book is finally ready! Whether you are a former student, or a parent or grandparent of a former student or are someone who has never heard of Pleasant Corners Public School near the town of Vankleek Hill, I think you will enjoy this book.

The book is not only an autobiography, not only a book of favourite stories and poems, but a book with an important message. A lot of what is written comes from what I learned by taking courses, attending conferences and from life itself. What I learned, I passed on to my students in a course I taught as a teacher.

The book describes life as a puzzle and in the first four parts, I weave these into what I call “The Puzzle of Life.” Finally, in Part 5, I bring all of the parts from the puzzle together from a presentation I offered to schools in Ottawa after my retirement. It was for students from Grades 7 to 12 and I called it, “The Masterpiece, The Last Wish and The Greatest Gift.” I offer in this book, word for word, that presentation.

And so, as I echoed to students in that presentation, “The curtain is now about to rise on this wonderful drama we call life.”

Part 1: Introduction to Foundations
Part 2: My Family and Growing Up
Part 3: Teaching at Pleasant Corners Public School
Part 4: “Build It and They Will Come”: The Story of Titans Basketball.
Part 5: I bring it all together and include: “The Masterpiece, The Last Wish and The Greatest Gift”

This book contains more than 300 pages and I hope you will enjoy reading my story, as I send, “All My Best, from Me To You.”

This book is a not-for-profit publication. The author will be making a donation in September 2021 to the Pleasant Corners Parent Council.

The book will be for sale as of March 15, 2021 and note that earlybird sales of “All My Best: From Me To You” will end on May 1, 2021 for June 2021 delivery. All book orders must be placed through this website.